A New Year’s Resolution (for the Long Run) at 100 Shawmut

Dec 01, 2019 Blog
A New Year’s Resolution (for the Long Run) at 100 Shawmut

Most New Year’s resolutions are centered around physical wellness, whether that means taking up running or committing to eating healthy foods. However people decide to use their fresh start, they’re more likely to stick with long-term wellness commitments if they have access to fitness amenities and green spaces. Luckily, the South End Boston condominiums at 100 Shawmut have both.

And the New Year is the right time. While the end-of-the-year holidays may be wonderful, they’re also a bit decadent, after all. It seems that freshly baked sugar cookies and mugs of eggnog are waiting around every corner. For many people, the cure to a season of indulgence is to swing the pendulum the other way, toward a bit of discipline and order.

One surefire way to fight the winter blues and restore a little balance to life is by walking—or running—outside. Boston Common is just moments away from 100 Shawmut, and this time of year, the park is a winter wonderland. A stroll beneath the snow-blanketed canopies of old-growth trees, along gleaming frozen ponds and the glittering lights of the city, can be a beautiful antidote to cold-weather lethargy. And by the time the snow is gone, the walks and runs will lengthen like the days.

One hallmark of a successful resolution is feasibility. Turn to the state-of-the-art fitness center at 100 Shawmut rather than enduring a frozen trek across town to a crowded gym. The fitness center has all the best spin equipment, weights, treadmills, and ellipticals. And a run on one of the machines can be become addictive by pairing it with a favorite show or simply watching the snowfall from a warm vantage point—the windows offer a sprawling view.

Changing routines, surprising the body, and staying interested might just lead to sticking with resolutions for the whole year. And after meeting daily/weekly goals, relaxing in a luxury home at 100 Shawmut makes all the effort immediately worthwhile.

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