Dog-Friendly Parks Around Boston’s South End

Oct 15, 2019 Blog
Dog-Friendly Parks Around Boston’s South End

Dog ownership in the city may have its challenges, but urban dogs and their people know that the secret to thriving is finding the best dog-friendly parks. A leashed walk on the streets of Boston’s South End is its own kind of treat, but if a dog can bound freely, chasing a ball or stopping to pounce around a new friend at the park, the day is that much brighter. Luckily for the furry residents of 100 Shawmut, there are plenty of dog-friendly parks near these luxury condos in Boston’s South End, just waiting to be sniffed and otherwise explored.

Joe Wex Dog Recreation Space at Peter’s Park | 1277 Washington Street

Peter’s Park, which is a favorite among humans and their canine counterparts, has a gated “Tot Lot” playground for little ones, a baseball field, tennis court, handball court, and lighted basketball courts for athletes, and volunteer-maintained gardens for anyone who appreciates colorful blooms. For dogs, however, there’s something especially enticing: the 13,000-square-foot Joe Wex Dog Recreation Space, which allows them to play off-leash. Old-growth shade trees and plenty of benches make it a sweet spot for humans too.

Boston Common | 139 Tremont Street

As the oldest park in the country, Boston Common is a destination for locals and visitors alike, complete with a frog pond, carousel, lush gardens, and plenty of public art. The park also allows obedient dogs to be unleashed from 6 am to 9 am and 4 pm to 8 pm, so they can carefully investigate the scents and squirrels.

Carleton Court Dog Park | Southwest Corridor Path

Tucked away among shade trees, a well-kept garden, and a stately iron fence, Carleton has the feel of a secret rendezvous—but for dogs. Friendships among the dogs go way back, but new friends are always welcome. After enjoying social time on the springy, easy-on-the-joints surface, dogs are ready to take their people back home to their South End residence at 100 Shawmut for some rest.

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