Healthy Eats in the Neighborhood

Jan 10, 2020 Blog
Healthy Eats in the Neighborhood

Boston is recognized for its vibrant restaurants and thriving pub scene. There are plenty of South End establishments serving up delightful and nutritious bites for the health-conscious Bostonian, and the 100 Shawmut luxury Boston condominiums put residents close to many of them.

“Anoush’ella” is an Armenian phrase that means “may it be sweet,” and at the casual eatery anoush’ella, it most certainly is. Inspired by the Armenian Lebanese food of their childhood, the husband and wife owners have brought the freshness and complexity that are the hallmarks of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine to the South End. It’s a tradition of both comfort and health, proving that the two are not mutually exclusive, and one that shows that street food, when done in the right style, can be wholesome and nutritious, as well as delicious. Many of the dishes begin with the flatbread m’anoush that is then hand-rolled around a variety of ingredients or seasoned with savory or sweet toppings. Those looking for a starting point on the menu can opt for a traditional za’atar with Mediterranean seasoning, olive oil, tomatoes, cucumber, mint, black olives, and pomegranate seeds. For something even lighter, though equally satisfying, the fresh tomato or green lentil soups are ideal for the winter months.

To indulge in the most decadent of desserts and pastries, including delectable scones, brioche au chocolat, and a brown-butter cinnamon roll, Flour Bakery + Café has recently launched a new initiative designed to cater to those looking for healthier, yet still tasty alternatives. That initiative, WHOLEflour, provides breakfast, lunch, snack, and pastry options created with whole ingredients. Vegan, gluten-free, and whole-grain versions of many of their favorites provide the same “yummy goodness your body craves” but in a more wholesome format. This includes whole-wheat scones, chia seed pudding, steel-cut oatmeal, a mixed grains and chickpea grain bowl, watercress and farro salads, and numerous other healthy options that won’t ever make anyone feel like they’re “missing out.”

Devoted to “making nourishing and delicious ‘slow’ food convenient and full of pleasure,” Life Alive Organic Café delivers with a wholefood menu that doesn’t compromise on health. Options include refreshing smoothies like the Pineapple Smash made with pineapple, ginger, turmeric, lemon, maple, and kombucha; a hearty Maca Malt made with maca, raw cacao, cashews, maple, gelato, and coconut milk; an Acai Bowl; a Warm Grain Bowl; and the Blonde Miso noodles. The café also serves a creative selection of wraps, salads, snacks, and lattes.

Now that the new year has arrived, health and wellness are on the minds of many, and those living in the South End residences at 100 Shawmut are close to some of the best healthy eating in the city. Health-minded foodies will take delight in wholefood meals that are satisfying, convenient, and often locally sourced.

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