Mornings in the South End

Feb 07, 2020 Blog
Mornings in the South End

Discerning breakfast-goers will find themselves right at home in the South End. For 100 Shawmut’s residents there is no shortage of world-class coffee shops, bakeries, and eateries within walking distance of their home.

Cuppacoffee is a high-end espresso bar specializing in savory pies and baked goods, among all other things Australian. Here, breakfast goes well beyond the Aussie favorite, Weet-Bix; they also offer breakfast pies filled with bacon, eggs, and cheese, and an even heartier version that also includes beef. Their menu features quick favorites such as croissants and bagels, but with an international spin; patrons can opt for an Australian favorite, Vegemite, a delicious topping on a slab of thick-sliced toast often enjoyed with a fine brew—or maybe just a doppio.

There’s always a good reason to visit Blackbird Doughnuts. Classics like the Boston Cream, with its luscious vanilla bean custard stuffed inside a buttery brioche doughnut and topped with chocolate ganache, or the Chocolate Old Fashioned cake-doughnut with black cocoa, are safe bets. For those seeking a little adventure, seasonal varieties are sure to delight; take, for example, their Winter Citrus vanilla cake doughnut topped with freshly squeezed lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit – or the Mango Mojito, with mango and mint glaze atop a brioche doughnut. Doughnut traditionalists and revolutionaries alike are sure to find something delicious to pair with a great cup of coffee at Blackbird Doughnuts.

For those who are short on time, but demand only the best coffee, Render Coffeeis the place to be in the South End. Artisanal roasts from Gracenote in Boston and Tandem out of Portland, Maine form the basis for the finest pulls of espresso, expertly crafted malted cold brews, and deeply rich cups of coffee. Set in a cozy shop, Render Coffee is also an excellent spot to settle in and linger, especially over a breakfast sandwich or a bagel and lox. Those requiring a second round to get through the latter half of the day will also appreciate the lunch menu of hearty sandwiches and wraps.

Every day should start with breakfast and a perfect cup of coffee, and the South End offers divine options for both. Quick but scrumptious eats and the best java abound near 100 Shawmut, easing the morning routine for those who call these luxury condominiums home.

The 100 Shawmut Sales Center is open by appointment—now accepting reservations in the South End.

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