Taking in the Sunset at 100 Shawmut

Aug 10, 2021 Blog
Taking in the Sunset at 100 Shawmut

Boston’s peak summer weather is in full glory, which makes for the ideal time of the year to take advantage of the Rooftop Sky Lounge at 100 Shawmut. These Boston condos feature private terraces in select residences, but all residents can enjoy sunshine and the refreshing summer breeze in this exclusive luxury amenity. Designed by Copley Wolff Design Group, an award-winning local landscape architecture firm, the Rooftop Sky Lounge offers an elegant outdoor space interspersed with greenery and natural elements, as well as conveniences for enjoying the views offered from the rooftop perch.

The most breathtaking element of the rooftop lounge is the unobstructed views of the Boston skyline on display—as the backdrop for an evening of conversation with friends over a refreshing cocktail or as the main attraction itself. On view from the lounge are several of the city’s most famed landmarks and architectural masterpieces. To the south is the Cathedral of the Holy Cross—the 19th-century Gothic Revival-style cathedral and the largest Roman Catholic church in New England. Also visible from the lounge, even further south just outside of Boston, is the Blue Hills Reservation. This 6,000-acre parcel of conservation land is scenic for daytime hikes and outdoor activity and breathtaking to glimpse from high above.

The panoramic views, of course, extend to the west, where the preeminent Boston landmarks—the Prudential Building and the Hancock Tower—pierce the skyline and glisten in the summer light. To the north, the imposing Massachusetts State House, with its famed gilded dome, and the cable-stayed Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge, which sits illuminated in the distance, provide a picturesque slice of Boston’s finest sites.

While the Rooftop Sky Lounge offers a privileged vantage point for rediscovering Boston and beyond, it is also the ideal setting for one of the greatest pleasures of the summer: the dramatic, multihued sunsets that spread across the sky. Along with friends and family, who will surely be moved by this visual feast, or for a solo moment of contemplation at the end of the day—residents can embrace the best of the summer to be appreciated anew from high above.

In-person tours are available to view firsthand the Rooftop Sky Lounge and all the amenities at these unique South End residences. Contact the sales team today to schedule your tour and find your next home.

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