Well-Balanced Meals Cooked at Home

Apr 28, 2020 Blog
Well-Balanced Meals Cooked at Home

While neighborhood cafés may be currently closed, cooking at home can be just as satisfying, especially in 100 Shawmut’s fully-integrated kitchen. With a well-stocked pantry and kitchen, nutrient-dense açaí bowls for breakfast, seasonally focused power bowls for lunch, and homemade pasta for dinner are all within reach in the South End at 100 Shawmut.

 Açaí bowls are a wonderful way to start the day, packed with antioxidants and omega fatty acids. The South American açaí berry, which is the main ingredient in this Brazilian specialty, is used to make a smoothie base, traditionally topped with banana, granola, and guaraná syrup. However, multiple variations exist, including those made with tapioca balls or savory versions that incorporate dried fish. The Forked Spoon offers a perfect first-time recipe that’s easy to make, refreshing, healthy, and absolutely delicious. Slicing and freezing favorite fruits ahead of time ensure that they’re always ready for use. 

Spring is here, and getting the first taste of it is guaranteed to lift a person’s spirits. Power bowls make assembling those flavors even easier. When combining seasonal veggies, such as potatoes, beets, and asparagus, with nutrient-dense greens and grains, power bowls quickly exit the side-dish and salad realm and become a well-balanced meal in and of itself. Fit Mitten Kitchen’s recipe for a Veggie Spring Power Bowl adds just the right touch of spice to roasted vegetables via turmeric tahini dressing.  

Homemade pasta is simple to make with a pasta maker and modern culinary tools. Williams Sonoma offers an easy guide to making restaurant-quality gnocchi with a recipe that is quick to assemble and an excellent introduction to this dear dumpling. If in possession of a potato ricer, bench scraper, or gnocchi ridger, the work does go more easily, but anyone with a sharp knife and a fork can get the job done. For an added treat, the fresh tomato sauce featured with the gnocchi is bright, flavorful, and well-suited to any number of different kinds of pasta.

Single bowl meals at breakfast, lunch, or dinner can be fun to make—as well as nutritious and tasty—with a bit of planning. After trying these recipes or experimenting with different recipes and new flavors, settling down in one of 100 Shawmut’s Boston luxury residences with some home-cooked food is the ultimate comfort.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art refrigerator, cooktop, wall oven, microwave, and dishwasher, even the most challenging meals are a pleasure to prepare (and eat) at 100 Shawmut. To learn more, schedule a virtual appointment with the sales team today.


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